MOKSHA - 07.03.2024

MOKSHA by the world renowned Odissi Dance ensemble Rudrakshya Foundation under the guidance of Guru Sri Bichitrananda Swain at Rabindra Mandap on 07.03.2024 (Thursday) at 6.30 PM. 

This is a story of a prince who chose to be a beggar. A child who took his first steps as soon as he was born. A champion of compassion whose heart ached for the suffering of others. A soul who gave up his life for the betterment of the world. This is the story of Sakyamuni Buddha.

The story of how he left the pleasures of the world to seek a deeper meaning of existence. Not only did he realise that the world is a bundle of sorrows but he also discovered the way to conquer it! The way to discipline our minds and win over our instincts until the truth reveals itself.  This production leads the audience to the world of Sakyamuni Buddha through his stories and philosophy.  The journey begins from his divine birth and ends in the spectacle of Dharma chakra pravartana - setting in motion the wheel of Dharma.

Dance Choreography                :                Guru Sri Bichitrananda Swain
Music Composition                    :                Guru Sri Srijan Chatterjee
Rhythm Composition                 :                Guru Sri Dhaneswar Swain
Notation                                     :                Guru Sri K. Ramarao Patra
Script and Lyrics                        :                 Sri Srijan Chatterjee


Dancers are:

Dushasan Sahoo, Bichitra Behera, Santosh Ram, Samir Kumar panigrahi, Surendra Pradhan, Sanjeev Kumar Jena, Debabrata Behera, Prasanta Kuanr, Biswajit Jena, Basista Jena, Sriradha Paul, Roji Swain, Lopamudra Sahoo, Anjali Dash, Avipsa Gitanjali Behera and T. Tulika Reddy

Music Composer

Srijan Chatterjee

Rhythm Composer

Guru Sri Dhaneswar Swain


Guru Sri K. Ramarao Patra

Dancer Choreographer

Guru Sri Bichitrananda Swain

Light Designer

Guru Sri Ramesh Chandra Jena


Sri Rohita Pradhan







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