Rudrakshya Foundation Established in the year of 2000 by Guru Sri Bichitrananda Swain, Rudrakshya Foundation has manifested itself as one of the finest centre for culture and art not only in Orissa but across pan India. Rudrakshya Foundation is not just a dance institute but is a crowning institution where art and dance form blends up to create an embodiment of pure performing art envisaging the perfection of artistic comprehensibility, lucidity and precision.
This famous institution runs in the praxis of ancient Gurukul antiquity of Indian Art Schools. It is like a garden where the seed of dance is sown and is nourished into a full bloom flower. The proficiency and the overall ambience have made this institute a connoisseur of performing art. The students here are nurtured and encouraged with the affection of the teachers.
Many students of this institute have established themselves with fame and accomplishment outside India and are still enriching this institute by promoting its unique mode of teaching. The passion with which the students of the institute can embrace the very subtlety of dance and its bold and vigorous movements makes it a part as well as a prominent amongst the contemporary Odissi dance schools. Apart from dancing, students here are trained under odissi percussion (Mardala). Moreover, theory classes for the development of odissi aesthetics and a grooming class is also given on a regular basis.
The student of Rudrakshya’s ensemble has performed all over India and on different parts of American, Asian and European countries and has gathered appreciation for its excellence. Very few of contemporary odissi dance academy have achieved such perfection as Rudrakshya Foundation.


The syllabus of the Odissi dance repertoire at Rudrakshya Foundation consists of 10 years. Hence we have ten different batches from sub junior to 8th year. There are two CLASSES in a week for every batch and the duration of each class is two hours.
The Rudrakshya Foundation has been organizing Annual Dance Festival “NINAAD" every year in the month of May giving facilities to all the students from sub junior to senior level, as an opportunity to perform before audience.


We provide continuous special classes during summer vacation from 1st May until 15th June of every year. Apart from basic techniques of Odissi dance, students learn new items according to their respective levels of experiences. For the students who are coming from abroad, we organize summer classes till the end of August.

We have a special course for the teachers who are teaching at Rudrakshya Foundation throughout the year. Every day we have five hours of the training class, starting with body warm up, stretching and then exercises, Chauka, Tribhangi, Chari, Bhramari (these are all the basic techniques of Odissi Dance), correction and teaching of new items.  Apart from above mentioned activities, the items of the odissi repertoires are practiced and teaching method are developed through discussion and interaction with established Gurus and dancers.

There are two performing units at Rudrakshya Foundation. Senior performing unit under the guidance of Guru Sri Bichitrananda Swain learns new choreographies and do group rehearsal for different productions and performances. The senior students of Rudrakshya take the class of the junior performing unit five days in a week and each day for three hours. Students practice to perfect their skills to be presented as solo and group performer in the state and national level.