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Prarthana is a self-created mantra by each individual that is usually recited secretly in one’s heart and mind to communicate with the cosmic consciousness for personal, communities, universal gains or favours. Prayers with pure, sound and focused mind and heart involve aligning chakras, breath control, blocking senses and inward journey, is a form of meditation that is extremely powerful that helps achieve desired outcomes.
We offer a series of LIVE streaming short performances called “Prarthana” to wish for peace in the world, in the middle region of the celestial beings and in the highest world of the gods.

When this pandemic started, there were many deaths in other parts of the world many suffered and felt the pain that made me very sad. Our empathy and gratitude go to all those who are tirelessly working to save us.
We as one, can still wake up and give life to those WORDS through our actions that are only spoken but not practised.

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Samir Panigrahi (L) Sam Goraya (M) Santosh Ram (R)

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