Guest speaker - Guru Smt Meera Das 
Guest performer - Sasmita Panda

Katha with Kalakaar as the name suggests is an initiative where we get an opportunity to interact with the artists who have given their life to art. This is a chance for us to witness their journey, their struggles and achievements. The legendary artist we have with us today for our first episode is Guru Smt Meera Das who needs no introduction in the Odissi industry. And we also have her senior disciple, Ms. Sasmita Panda.

Guru Smt Meera Das Ji 
Meera Das ji is one of the most distinguished Odissi dancer of the present era, known  her unique Odissi recitals where poetry in motion, expressions are as lively as they can be. She received her initial training from Guru Gangadhar Nayak and mastered the acrobatic form of Odissi dance, Bandha Nrutya. As the disciple of  Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra, she learnt the art of expression, the graceful movements and purity of the dance.

With a view to popularizing the dance form and educate and train students in the purest form of Odissi, Meera ji started Gunjan Dance Academy in Cuttack. For almost two decades her academy has been performing across the world. Today she will be sharing her views on the new thoughts in Odissi choreography keeping the tradition intact post which we will be having a question answer session.

About the Dance Item

The romantic the sensuous depiction of the joy of beautifying self by Radha as she gets ready for her lord sri Krishna...she sings how she blossoms yet shrinks as she gets dressed for him and how each step she feels shy thinking of him.... She melts with the thoughts of the loving lord… she breaks every barrier to unite with her lord her love her soul mate.

Dance Choreographed by Smt. Meera Das
Music by Srinibas Satpathy and Agnimitra Behera
Performed by Sasmita Panda 

We would like to thank Guru Smt Meera Das ji for her valuable time and thoughts and Ms Sasmita Panda for her beautiful performance. 

Episode -1 I Part - 1


 Episode - 1 I Part - 2