Tala Taranga: The charm of the Odissi dance

The Rudrakshaya at Rabindra Mandap

"Tala taranga", the wave of rhythm is a choreography of Bichi Sir wonderful, enchanting, magical: description of the musical instruments used in the dance steps and surprising, technically sound and in constant dialogue with the notes and rhythm. What love of Bichi Sir creations is the unpredictability that forces you to never take my eyes off her dancers, diverasamente by many Odissi which tends to repetition and consolidation of aesthetic models, while beautiful, existing. Bichi keeps you on the edge of his chair, with your back straight, wide-open ears and eyes glued to the movement, it captures and seduces avvolgendoti with absolute precision mixture and hypnotic softness that emanates from the bodies, especially the naked torsos that intertwine in spirals and sequences dictated by the speed of the feet, of the force and the sound of anklets, as if from the land of the unleashing of a natural upward movement, from earth to heaven, from all'Ipermondo World, From Matter to Spirit.

Tala taranga. I love her, I saw her birth in December with the dancers and senior Lingaraj, my guru, and now I see every morning with the junior after practice. Wonderful delights the senses and the spirit. A bath of grace, harmony, beauty, at the same time power and strength. He entered in the bones and thoughts, with chills Chei run under the skin and, as when there was a work of art, the effect continues just like a wave; I think I even change the expression.

Last night the boys Sanjeev, Bichi, Kamal, Litthu with Lingaraj danced at Rabindra Mandap Stuti Surya, the sun salutation, and Tala Taranga. The excitement of seeing on stage, but also the first in the backstage, the guys who usually see it practiced in the former white shirt and blue pants former stuck to the body, tired, sweat dripping from his hair, were the deities. Spontaneous applause. Deep pleasure because I know the hard work, exercises, training, practice. I often shared with them in recent months. There were costumes, make-up, and jewelry, of course, but the magic they were, in their essence. Transcended, ecstatic, of another world. The art and wonder of the world. The one that brings out the tears before you can understand what is happening. A wonderful gift before leaving. With a wave that vibrates as I type.

Thank you.
franzirouge from 27 August 2015

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