An Evening of Enchanting Ecstasy


Evening is soon approaching and the weather seems to be perfect for remenicensing the ever lingering fragrance of jasmine, marigold, tulsi to name a few for the approaching auspicious purpose. The dancers here bring in these flowers as an offering to their favourite diety Lord Jagganatha, the lord of the universe in their first item Mangalacharan- invoking and seeking his presence and blessings. As these flowers linger their fragrance and dance in ecstasy, we can feel their happiness and joy in the pure dance called 'Pallavi' set to raag chandrika kamodi. With intricate footwork and elaborate movement and expressive language , this becomes a pure form of ecstacy for one to indulge into. When one is in pure form of ecstacy, at times it becomes hard to know whether it is for real or not. Hence an insecured feeling of our own doubts and inhibitons arise, like in the Abhinaya - Samuditha Madhane from Geeta Govinda. Call it true love, fragrance of love or simply the pure essence of love, this abhinaya always transcends the boundaries of spiritual unison. When the union of flowers is with the Lord, sculptures with the temple, music to rhythm, dance to beats, then we call it a pure form, a complete form, a unique form. Talaa Tarang, a unique and very widely appreciated and well acclaimed dance choreography of Guru Shree Bichitrananda Swain, has enhanced the male aspect of odissi dance which is otherwise female dominant. We can rejoice in the True union of the dance , the dancer, and the danced- Talaa Tarang!

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