Odissi Dance/ Asanjukta Hasta Mudra (Single Hand Gestures)/ Rudrakshya Foundation

Asanjukta hasta or single-hand gestures are the hand gestures used to communicate specific ideas, events, actions, or creatures. As depicted in the Abhinaya Darpana we present to you the twenty-eight single hand gestures used in Odissi dance. These gestures are a part of Angika Abhinaya's classification of classical dance which denotes the movement of ‘Angas’ inclusive of the hands. These play a significant role in the conveyance of the meaning of dance as many of the natural gestures are found common to mankind and their meaning is easily understood.

Single Hand Gestures

(Asanjukta Hasta Mudra)

  1. Pataaka
  2. Tripataaka
  3. Ardhapataaka
  4. Kartarimukha
  5. Mayura
  6. Ardhachandra
  7. Araala
  8. Sukatunda
  9. Musti
  10. Sikhara
  11. Kapithha
  12. Katakaamukha
  13. Suchi
  14. Chandrakalaa
  15. Padmakosha
  16. Sarpasira

Artists: Roji Swain, Debasmita Muduli, and Sonali Das

Voice | Video | Editing: Jagyandatta Pradhan

Description: Sonali Das

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