Odissi Dance/ Dristhi Bheda (Eye Movement)

Drushti in Sanskrit meaning “Vision”, Drusti Bheda means the types of eye Movements.
There are 8 types of eye movements given in the shastras, which we follow in Odissi Dance.

1. Sama: Eye kept still without any movement.

2. Aalokita: Rolling your eyeballs in a circular pattern.

3. Saachi: Looking through the corner of the eyes.

4. Pralokita: moving your eyes side to side.

5. Nimilita: It looks like a half-shut eye. Here one tries to focus the eyeball towards the heart.

6. Ullokita: Looking upwards.

7. Anubruta: Rapid movement of the eyes up and down.

8. Abalokita: Looking down.

Artists - Roji Swain, Debasmita Muduli, and Amina Boussemha Voice, Video, and Editing- Jagyandatta Pradhan

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