Odissi Dance/ Gribaa Bheda (Neck Movements)

Gribaa Bheda (Classification of neck movements in Odissi Dance)

In Odissi dance, Neck movements are called Gribaa Bheda. There are 4 types of Gribaa Bheda:

1. Sundari
2. Tiraschinhaa
3. Paribartitaa
4. Prakampita

1. Sundari– when the neck moves continuously from left to right.

2. Tiraschinhaa– when the neck moves from the center to the left corner, then from center to the right corner.

3. Paribartitaa– when the neck moves from the left side to the right side, as if drawing a half-moon.

4. Prakampita– when the neck moves forward and backward (like the pecking of a bird/pigeon).

Artists: Roji Swain, Debasmita Muduli, Amina Boussemha
Voice,Video, Editing: Jagyandatta Pradhan
Description: Marla Meenakshi Joy

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